Swiss Watches: Reasons to Buy IWC Watches

iwc replica watches
iwc replica watches

IWC with Portuguese

Found in 1868, IWC is known as “High-end Watch Engineer”. It specially produces man watches. classic design and easy manipulation make a renown IWC watch. every IWC watches will be tested independently for 28 times. Its leading innovation, wonderful design and exquisite work make IWC have great achievements. Every branch has different theme. In Basel Watch Show in 1967, IWC promoted its Portuguese whose movement was wrapped with rubber which can absorb shock, thus becoming hottest one. After years, Portuguese family has evolved into a high-end one, with various functions, such as perpetual calendar, minute repeater, fly-back tourbillon, etc.

Nico Rosberg and Design with Personality

Early in his youth, Nico got an IWC watch from his father. Since then, he started this destiny with WIC. In the last year race, he took off his suit and put on the working cloth to join IWC’s exclusive class and showed us his skills and handcraft. “To me, IWC not only means a cutting-edge technology, it also stands for embodiment of passion and motion”said Nico about his feel. “I hope that my watches could reflect such characters. I prefer titanium matching with a black strap and light color. They are strongly contrast and make good and deep impression on us”. Nico and Christian Knoop, the CCO of IWC, worked out the craft for Nico special edition. Titanium case and, crown, protection and screws made of zirconia, under the reflection of silver dial, appears to be sport. Yellow hand on the 12 o’clock reminds us of the yellow, luminous helmet. This helmet had been a mark of Nico for 7 years.

Working with Mercedes

In addition, IWC also announced that it will continue its cooperation with AMG F1 fleet. In 2013, IWC began serving the official partner for AMG fleet and their relationship will continue to 2018. “our fleet, just like other technicians, have great passion on excellent engineering and exquisite skills.” said Georges, “we pursue high-precision and first-class performance, just like AMG F1 fleet does”.

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Rolex Submariner: Reviews on Rolex Blue Dial Watches

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replica rolex submariner watches

Many factors for a man to consider when purchasing a watch, the dial color sometimes may control your first impression. Blue color naturally has romantic temperament, and is suitable for formal occasions, and when compared with the white dial or black watch dial, the blue wrist watch is a kind of cool breeze. The domestic popularity of the Rolex Submariner surely need not say more, and so many watch lovers said that “if only buy a watch this life, you must want to buy a Rolex, and surely must buy the Rolex Submariner series watches.” Rolex Submariner is not only the classic diving watch, but also is the model of the same type of chronograph.

The appearance of the Rolex Submariner

Launched in the year of 1953, Rolex Submariner is the first watch having the waterproof of 100 meters in the world. After that, with the brand patent three clasp lock chain watch crown, its waterproof depth further increased to 300 meters. In the ocean, it is an indispensable tool to divers; on the land, it is a widely popular sport watch with elegant style. Here just discuss about the Rolex Submariner watch with the official version of: 116613 lb – 97203.

The watch case of the Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner 116613 lb – 97203 is till adopting the classic designs of iconic oyster watch case, Mercedes-type pointers and magnifying glass calendar, along with the gauge diameter of 40 mm, thickness of 12.5 mm, and waterproof of 300 meters. The watch case is using Rolex unique yellow-gold steel (a combination of 904 l stainless steel and 18 ct gold) material, matching with blue dial and blue Cerachrom ceramic word bezel and gold coating Numbers, both are fashionable and solemn.

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Swiss Watches: Panerai Watches Opened the Exclusive Shop in Shanghai

When it comes to the famous watches brands in the world, you must know about the fake rolex watch, but for the Panerai brand, if you are a lover and have deep interest on Panerai watches, you will surely know that Panerai was opened the exclusive shop in Shanghai.Shanghai IFC is located in the bank of Huangpu River, and in September 2010, Panerai exclusive shop opened at the Shanghai IFC. The exhibition was held in the atrium of this representative building, through the history wall under the decoration of black background, Panerai ancient story was showed vividly, and the deep quiet sea atmosphere was blowing, while stepping into the exhibition area, you will see a total of three regions, respectively showed the tireless research and considerable development of the Panerai brand in different areas.

The first exhibition is for the homemade watch movement area, whose exhibits are the wrist watch series carrying Panerai homemade movement. Visitors can enjoy the operation precision of the movement and polishing fruity beauty, with the combination of high precision movement pictures behind the showcase, three-dimensionally showing the details of the wrist watch; five homemade movement and watches all show the achievements in the field of research and development of movement with full engagement, one of the most conspicuous things is PAM00323, which has all significant features of the Radiomir watches, and also is equipped with both the time and date display, 10 days super long power storage is supplied by p. 2003 Panerai homemade movement.

The second exhibition shows the Panerai proud achievements with the innovative ideas embodied in aspects of the special material, including titanium metal, ceramic and 2012 Panerai new research and development of red and gold. This is a alloy called 5Npt, among which the proportion of the copper and platinum is much higher than the normal alloy to create a hue with deeper feeling with  antioxygenation, whose connotation of grace and nobility are deduced perfectly by PAM00398.

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