Panerai time equation Tourbillon watch

panerai replica
panerai replica

Panerai is one of the most complex watches, with the time equation, Tourbillon, selected city’s sunrise and sunset time display and other functions, and night sky scene of the selected city can be displayed in the back of watch, with the world limited to 30 pieces. This Panerai works also marks that Panerai since then has become a member in the field of super complex function and technology research.

And compared to the most popular iphone nowadays, the complex mechanical watch in the function can only be “useless”. Perpetual calendar? Any one of the ordinary mobile phone and electronic watch can tell you the date and day. Minute repeater and the big bell? Now the alarm time is vocal voice, and now there are a variety of ringing music. Tourbillon? Electronic watch and mobile phone do not need tourbillon and they can also be accurate. The functions that the complex watches have been proud, now have to update the higher technology alternatives, when the complex movement is from the “useful” purpose, it rose to the real beauty. Super complex watches also rise from practical tools to artwork.

Collectors collect limited number of complex watches, but how many are as daily wear? Like the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain bowl, the Ming Dynasty pear chair, who will really use it to drink tea, who will really sit on it for reading and writing. Their own functions have been receded, and as the value of art and historical relics become more and more prominent. Those hundred-years brand launching the complex watch is almost as a work of art and collection. In their body has a pure lineage, and the ancient history of the same strain. And if you own the Panerai time equation Tourbillon watch, that will be worthy a lot. Or just check swiss replica rolex if you are more favorable on the watches with normal design.

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